EU/ Brexit Some Believe An Authoritarian Leopard Will Change Its Spots

Is the EU Authoritarian?

We’ve had the madness of King George who lost America. Now we have the Madness of Mrs May who has lost Great Britain. Each day that passes we have more distance between what is legally correct and what is Mrs May’s interpretation. This is known as a dictatorship! 
We have legally left the EU, yet we have to go to court to prove it! Why because our PM is a Dictator! March 29th was enshrined in law. Enshrined in the English Bill Of Rights no foreign Prince, person, prelate, state or potentate can rule England. 
I watched the TV this weekend just as many have, I am staggered at the events that have taken place. I am also concerned by the freedoms of interpretation that our press have. I saw little in the way of the solidarity shown to the 70-year para veteran by the bikers parading through London, this was a remarkable example of comradery shown to a serving para during the Irish troubles.  The troubles were appalling but a line has been drawn, amnesty has been granted, and we must move on. Why then is a para being dragged through the courts for something that happened 40 years ago, a period in time others have long been pardoned for. It is exactly this stupidity that will bring the troubles alive again causing divisions across the divide. 
I watched the David Lammy interview on the Andrew Marr show. I am aghast at the accusation that the ERG are N..i’s, in fact worse he explains that the term is too soft a term.
1. Mr Lammy anti-Semitism sits firmly in the labour domain. 
2. My hope is that Mr Lammy is arrested for that despicable accusation, for he has no parliamentary privilege on the Andrew Marr show. The protestor was arrested for calling Anna Sourby the same.
3. Having watched Mr Lammy on Question time, I have to say; it will be difficult to bring decorum to Parliament when emotions and accusations are so childish. 
We do indeed need an election to weed this lot out of Parliament. But! Of course, after such a difficult period to let a Marxist in shell suit run the worlds 5th biggest economy this would be the icing on the cake, the nail in the coffin for the demise of the UK.
The UK has the second best investment, 2nd only to China, we have the best growth in Europe, better than Germany double that of France. Our employment is remarkably strong, when you compare to the Eurozone we are positively utopia, why then are there so many eminent characters fighting to keep us shackled to the EU.
Terms like the EU is the biggest trading block in the world, this is rubbish, simply not true. Asian economies are the biggest trading block, the EU is a dwarf to this block and will represent less than 10%, as Asian countries displace the top 5 economies.  It is an informal gathering of supportive nations. I have written much on this subject reference the wave mentality driving Asia’s growth over 50 years. Click here to view.  Here there is no ivory tower, no tax funded wine cellars or jamborees just good honest gatherings. No Verhofstadt demanding Sovereignty be stripped of participating neighbours. There is no regulation stifling growth. No CET forcing cost by as much as 50% (dairy products) on hard done by consumers.

Ken Clarke Believes The EU Will Abandon Authoritarianism

I watched the Andrew Neil interview with Ken Clarke, my jaw dragging the floor in astonishment. Mr Clarke has no basis for his argument other than a leopard will indeed change their spots, which of course we all know it does not. 

In terms of changing approach, if that were the case the EU would have recognized by now that the ideology behind the Euro is destroying the youth of the Mediterranean countries. The Euro will fail and if the Med countries are expelled for their own survival, the world will see a kick back that will make 2008 look like a tea party. For sure any currency they adopt will be so burdened with debt that it will not be able to sustain itself causing a collapse and a default. 

Can The EU Change?

If Ken Clarke is so sure of himself then why are we in this situation with this dogged divisive negotiation.  A negotiation that will destroy the German car industry if someone doesn’t soon apply the brake. 
The only news worthy of note is Boris’ article in the Telegraph where he claims once this is done the pent-up investment looking to come into the UK will be unleashed. Well we have evidence of that inward investment, since the referendum it has been remarkably strong. No thanks to Mr Osborne.
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