It’s The Will Of The People – Appalling treatment of the UK by the EU and the 27



Why doesn’t Barnier come to the UK and put a gun to Mrs May’s head.  We are a nuclear power, with a formidable army. We have the worlds financial capital within our borders. The UK imports €90 Billion more than we sell to the EU. Europe is in recession. The Med is in depression.

Is it right that such a power with such a trade imbalance should be held at gun point such that we are? What sovereign nation would agree to this withdrawal agreement giving up our rights, succumbing to an unelected foreign chamber of bureaucrats who would control our destiny with or without our agreement, this surrender would be high treason. Only a war time leader upon surrender would agree to such capitulation. Mrs May should be held to account for pushing this deal forward. 

The ramifications of this situation will haunt the UK for decades. Every French bottle of wine we have bought every German car that we have driven will be replaced with cars from Jaguar, Ford, Chevrolet, wine from Australia and the new world.  Macron for sure would be persona non grata on British soil.


The Blairites who have orchestrated this situation should be locked in the tower and die in the tower, their betrayal has been extreme, comparable to Blunt, Philby and Burgess.

We are again at odds with Blair, details have emerged of covert meetings between Blair and George Soros, these meetings were held during Davos World Economic forum. The agenda was Brexit, the meeting notes were heavilly redacted. Leaving one to assume that serious third party meddling is taking place which is again aimed at overturning the vote.
For god’s sake wake up we are a power in a world of minnows and sharks. We are surrounded by those that wish us harm.  We have to our South rhetoric coming out of Turkey exploiting the New Zealand atrocity as though it is a Caucasian conspiracy. I won’t even dignify it with the religious connotations. Russia led by a despot intent on creating mayhem on whoever’s streets he feels able. Yet we also have eminent individuals trying to destroy us from within. 
The Euro is an ideology, Hitler was an ideology (barbaric to the extreme), we are treated to contempt by authoritarian ideologists. We didn’t surrender in 1945 why is Mrs May surrendering now!
The EU is doomed, this negotiation has shown it for what it is incompetent, drunken, self-interested individuals who have no responsibility for the people they represent, if they did the Med under 25s would have more hope.

Monsieur Macron

Let me ask, our situation Monsieur Macron “there for the grace of god go you” do you think we would have supported the EU in your humiliation such as you are with us? Mr Macron your speech on the steps of Downing Street were rude and offensive, your covert meetings with Blair to undermine our democracy equally so! Let me help you with the answer NO WE WOULD NOT! Sort your own mess out don’t meddle in ours, try and behave like a grown up President!

Where are the €Billions missing in the accounts Mr Junker? Step aside put someone in who can treat us with dignity and respect, recognize that we will continue to be neighbours, the memory of this will blight our relationship for many years to come. 


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