The disparity in systems bring looser relations more success

Asia’s Bonds A Force For Good In Sovereign States.

A Simile comes to mind when you consider two systems or in this case a dichotomy. Two clear systems one based on economics the other based on ideology. One is prospering the other is self-harming.  Having grown up in the Soviet era and seen how terribly oppressive living behind the “iron curtain” was. How we fought to rid our own UK streets of the militancy driving us to communism, how could we turn around now by supporting the EU which has adopted the same persona of the old Soviet Union.

Two institutions:

One fully fledged, invasive, autocratic and stagnant, the other vibrant, dynamic devoid of invasive regulations and economically buoyant. 

One institution has achieved mediocre economic growth, in 10 years accumulative 2.2% (since 2008 through until 2018) the other would consider economic growth of 5% per year as a troubled year.

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One institution is linked to the global economic crisis sweeping the west who  then reacted poorly even against its peers, the other has looked inward pulling together achieving phenomenal growth, prosperity throughout this period.

One institution demands globalization the other is thankful they’re not part of it.

One institution has plunged, in some areas 40% of their young into hopelessness devoid of any possible future, the other has lifted millions literally millions out of poverty.

One institution stifle business with regulation, eg. insisting that Salmon have a label to advise that it might contain fish, the other concentrates on the route to one’s plate.

Asia European Union Dichotomy 

It’s not rocket science to guess who I speak about. It is of course the antithesis of nirvana the European Union that bastion of authoritarianism, the Soviet Union in Western Clothes.  On the other side we have a cooperative, a collection of Asian countries working together to bring each other up the economic and social ladder. Sovereign parliaments that learn from each other, that invest in each other. They don’t sit by and watch as rafts of young are left hopeless wallowing on their sun-drenched beaches off the Mediterranean, whilst their leaders stumble down stairs or slide under tables whilst indulging in opulent wines from the French vineyards.

What we have through a lack of interference or any egotistical need to become a United States to rival Trump’s America, is an Asian mega-system consisting dozens of disparate economies coming together forming a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  To this region the notion of globalization was a harsh lesson that they learned in 1997/98. The currency crisis that swept Asia was anything but global. It was for this reason that individual Asian countries became a supportive companion to their neighbours. In short, Asia trade and growth became naturally interlinked, not through regulation, or through some ego driven ideology, but, through necessity growing organically through respect, identifying each others strengths and weaknesses. Richer communities invest in poorer regions. This I covered in my previous note.

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In 2008, Asia inter-regional trade was of such strength that it offset the downturn in Europe and US. So robust that growth in the Asia region it accelerated, hence forth doubling between 2008 and 2016. Starting 2008 at 29% of their internal trade rising to 59% in 2016. A volume increase equivalent to Europe’s internal market, not one “Common External Tariff” CET in sight.

To an Asian, Globalization is but a western pipe dream, one they want no part of. As 1998 proved, it did them no favours, may have even exasperated the issue.

Trade with Northern Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and West Asia combined in two decades have gained a significant portion of global trade.

There has been much debate whether Asia can decouple from the west for investment the answer is a resounding yes. 

Consider this: Asia throughout the region is so diverse, it can sustain all their technology, agriculture alongside mass-produced production thus, satisfying all of their needs.

As the Brexit debate rages on consider the points that I have made, for sure the European Union is doing Europe no favours. I also suspect in 100years time, effigies of Tony Blair will be burnt on March the 29th commemorating yet another traitor of the British people. 


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