Indonesia P.6 A Country Planning Its Capital City Move

Yesterday, I spoke about a new airport, in fact 10 new airports. However, I singled one airport in particular, Tjilik Riwut. This airport is significant as it will most likely become the hub for the new capital city. For many years it has been a plan to move the government from Jakarta to potentially Kalimantan. This was considered back in the 60s during the reign of Sukarno, prior to Suharto. In fact, it has been a dream since the 40s, first considered at the time of their independence.

A beautiful City in danger of sinking

There is pressing reasons in which to do this, Jakarta is sinking. Over the last 10years Jakarta has sunk 2.5 Metres with almost half the city now below sea level. The ground is absorbing the city. Some areas to the North are losing 25 cm per year. Worldwide many mega cities close to coastal regions have a similar problem but Jakarta’s problem is double of the global average.

A Bright New Future

Could Kalimantan be the home to the Government?

Kalimantan or to use its old designation Borneo is a perfect location for a new capital city. Again another example of the dynamic nature of this country.

The beneficiaries will of course be the infrastructure providers. Power,  Water purification,  “Telecommunications network”, roads, rail, bridges, ports, distribution, Cement manufacturers, etc. The new airport terminal at a cost of $100sM whilst sizable is only a small part of the overall activity.

Jakarta is home to over 10M people, and if this absorption continues unchecked then by 2050 most of the city will be underwater. It’s predicted 95% of North Jakarta will have disappeared. The East, and the West are not immune as they are sinking yearly at a rate of 15 cm and 10 cm respectively. Jakarta sits on swampy land with 13 mayor rivers passing through, whilst also having the Java sea lapping at its door.

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Major Indonesia lnfra-structure projects required

Of course, significant work is required to prevent this city disappearing. Dykes, drainage, underpinning etc.  Overall in this vast archipelago we are still just touching the surface for the overall development taking place, this country marches forward to become the 5th largest economy.

Indonesia is located on what is known affectionately as the ring of fire, although there is nothing pleasant about it, situated on the World’s major tectonic plates. Kalimantan is as far as you can be from these plates with earthquakes, and Volcanic activity risk minimized.

Indonesia for sure is ideal location to be established. Be aware the Chinese has targeted Indonesia with Indonesia signing up to the Chinese initiative known as the belt and road network.

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