Indonesia P.5. Infrastructure Projects New Airports

Ten New Airports.
Indonesia culturally is diverse, it spreads across 13,500 islands some of which are substantial. It may be known, due to recent publicity around the disasters such as the Sulawesi earthquake and subsequent Tsunami which devastated the towns of Palu and Donggala as well as the Lombok quake, that Indonesia lies on what they call the ring of fire. It has 63 active volcanoes and straddles many tectonic plates. I bring this up because this archipelago has seen this type of activity for millions of years since time began. The human cost in this has been really quite terrible.
However, as a result of this activity Indonesia is blessed with significant mineral wealth and natural attractions. Rolling hills, distant volcanoes and ample valleys of terraced rice paddies, all making for a simply stunning tropical backdrop.
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As a result more and more travellers are looking to explore the outer reaches of this stunning set of Islands. The government recognizing this has started a program to build 10 new airports. Some of these airports will be in: Lampung, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, Central Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung and North Sumatra. These airports will bring life to the areas that surround them. Already resort cities are in construction.
Tjilik Riwut Airport Central Kalimantan
One such airport the central government is targeting the construction of a new terminal for Tjilik Riwut Kalimantan. The new terminal is expected to be completed in early 2019. This was recently stated by the Head of the Central Kalimantan Regional Development Planning, Research and Development Agency, Yuren S. Bahat. The central government are inviting investors to participate in these projects and will even consider full private ownership. Of course the management will still come under the control of the central government, for security reasons. Regardless of your companies aspirations it’s important to note that these areas will indeed come to life as the facilities come on stream. Needless to say the economic activity in each of these primarily virgin grounds will increase a hundred fold. You only have to look to the tourism numbers hitting Bali. Tourists from China and India are coming to Indonesia in vast numbers. 

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Indonesia has so much beauty and diversity it’s difficult to quantify it in a short blog of this type. I will attempt to do that in future blogs. But, my emphasis will always be on assisting companies to be aware of the untapped potential this market holds.

Can you afford to miss Indonesia!

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