Brexit Remainers, or Bilderberg useful idiots.

We are where the remainers intended us to be! They are hell-bent on pushing us over that cliff edge! BBC believe Queen Victoria would not be amused by our leaving the EU. Maybe my history is out of step I thought she was used to being the head of an empire not subservient to it.... Continue Reading →

Brexit – 2nd Referendum they dare

Denmark decidedly NO! The treaty was wounded fatally flawed.Danish remembered a period in their past, When! The Germans were there on the streets of the Christianshavn. Fear emerged, power of their neighbour resurfaced. The control of their lives, No was their vote. Maastricht oh Maastricht why were you so strict. A treaty of sorts not the biggest of course. Euro was... Continue Reading →

The EU Sickness

I spent a few days trying to understand the mind of remainers.  The facts, past references are clear nearly all aspects of EU life are suffering.  I don't mean this to be provocative. It's just that: 1. The EU is failing, our exports to the EU are lower, their (EU) growth is weak, the unemployment... Continue Reading →

Hammond Call to Business Leaders

Today let's deal with Philip Hammond’s call to business leaders.  This call seems at odds with the events taking place.  On one hand you have Mrs May insisting that there will be no stopping Brexit, leaving on the 29th. Yet we have no deal in which to leave with. Therefore, under the rules we must... Continue Reading →

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