Is It Time To Consider The EEA As A Temporary Solution?

Aberconwy voted in the referendum:
Turnout 71.7% with 30,147 (46%) voting remain and 35,357 (54%) voting leave.

MP: Guto Bebb

Guto Bebb voted in favour of triggering article 50

Guto Bebb MP, the former Defence Minister and a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign


During the Lancaster House speech Mrs May made clear that we would leave the Customs Union. Which is of course necessary if we are to make a success of Brexit. However, as Mrs May called the election she was returned with no overall majority forcing an alliance with the DUP. Her position became very weak. It became necessary to consider the views of both the SNP and the DUP. Of course, you could argue her overall majority was slashed due to both the labour and conservative manifesto’s detailed categorically that Brexit would be carried out. 

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That aside we are where we are. So my question remains is it time to consider a temporary arrangement whereby we stay in the EEA? This would allow for us to strike out with trade deals whilst giving time to secure a trade deal with the EU. The EU has a strong need to have the closest of relationships the UK market is their largest trading partner even larger than the US. More over the supply chains are interwoven. What we are seeing today is clearly brinkmanship supported by our MPs stupidity. 


Of course, you could argue yes but our exports individually to each country are not significant and therefore collectively the EU can indeed hold the line, they are not feeling the pressure. Except Ireland whose businesses depend on the UK. As do German car manufacturers, French cheese, wine not the least the Spanish tourism markets. Of course the negative side to this argument will always be the irrational point the EU can not be seen to give the UK preferential treatment. 

Perhaps a face-saver is to remain temporarily in the EEA. Either way over time the UK will prosper so sabotage is a false reality.
Perception is reality!

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