European Union Burden On SMEs, Science and Non Profit Organisations

Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford Leave vote: 70.0% 
MP: Yvette Cooper (Labour) 

Yvette Cooper voted for Article 50, saying: “Nobody said at any time ‘you know what, I am not going to respect the result afterwards’ – that’s the kind of thing Donald Trump says.”

European Union Burden on SMEs

We frequently hear the protestations from the CBI on how Brexit will affect our businesses etc. As such they are calling for the softest of Brexit’s. To put into perspective, these are generally large companies that have quantifiable exports to the EU. They are also companies that can weather the juggernaut of regulations that come our way.

However, those Smaller, medium-sized companies whose markets are outside of Europe, of which their numbers are significant. These companies are burdened by the regulation and the requirement on them to conform.  It is these companies that are in favour of Brexit. This should not be dismissed as irrelevant because it’s not! It’s a real burden impacting their business and their future and getting worse.  It’s important to stress that these companies are not heavily represented within the CBI. We should also remember that John Longworth Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce resigned in order that he could speak out on behalf of the SMEs.

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Science and the EU impact from The Clinical Trial Directive.

Be mindful, the immense burden that the regulations add, whilst they affect adversely the bottom line of many companies. The impact is significant on the public sector, non-profit organizations. As an example;  Professor Angus Dalgleish one of our leading Cancer researchers when interviewed by a journalist, Dominic Lawson he complained of the EUs Clinical trial directive.  This had added to experimentation a tenfold cost.  Of course such costs do not appear in the protestations of our business leaders.

Whilst it is right that our business leaders voice concern, and we should take note. We have to be careful that their gloom does not become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There’s also a bigger picture here.

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