Business Asia P.2. Indonesia

Indonesia Many Projects At A Governmental Level.  

For example:

Program to Accelerate Agrarian Reform (One Map Project).

Their plan, Environmental and social Management Framework (ESMF) is large, it’s comprehensive and necessary to create a sustainable environment going forward.  Indonesia’s population in 1960 was around 60M people it is now 260M. The archipelago is expansive with land rights poorly identified.  Much effort has been put into this project to map, identify areas in need of reform at the local village level.  It is important to establish actual rights of ownership, usage for sustainable growth, environment, conservation, together with a plan to mitigate the environmental impacts. The government have taken a pro active objective look at this reform program in order to insure individual rights are protected including women’s rights, a subject we take for granted in the west.
They are to build this into an overall initiative to identify sustainable infrastructure projects. In order to meet their growth objectives going forward.  For this project alone they have allocated $240,000,0000.  The world bank have provided loans in the area of $200M at an interest of 0.5%. The rest is funded by Indonesia.

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I have covered to show in some small way the commitments made to Indonesia in order that it becomes an economic power house. There are of course many infrastructure projects from ports, airports, road and rail. More on this later. 
A Point to consider for now is that Indonesia will have in April of this year, a General election. It is important to establish actual intentions from the various candidates going forward. The current team led by Jokowi their president is a stable force for good. He of course will be up for his 2nd term in office with 2 terms being the allocation. His tenure to date has created many improvements to the lives of the individuals and is a much loved President. 

This is a time to consider and actively plan your entry into one of Asia’s vibrant lands of opportunity.

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