Thank God For Our Monarch – Graceful As Ever

Two subjects 1) Corporate elite, 2) Appalling negotiation skills MPs have.

1. Big business it should be noted have traditionally favoured closer ties to the EU. However, not all. Companies, individuals such as Sir James Dyson, Tim Martin Weatherspoons, Anthony Bamford The Chairman of JCB, Dame Helena Morrissey The head of personal investing at Legal & General, Sir Jim Ratcliffe The chairman and founder of the petrochemical firm Ineos etc. etc. all support leaving. And as the protestations from Lord Digby Jones will attest to; these individuals are thinking through the opportunities and where they lie for future years.  Whist others not all, lavishly paid panjandrum, often adorned with various gongs etc. carrying titles such as Chairman of this and that. These individuals are indeed looking for the softest of Brexit, just as they looked and ranted about the need to be in the ERM and the Euro as it later became.  They were wrong then and they are wrong now. They look only for the easiest short term route.  The future is Asia!

Look to the career path of many of these individuals, engineers, insurance, water management etc. etc. They have grown through the ranks and are comfortable in their environment, invariably close to retirement. Outside of their sphere they have no knowledge of the wider industrial base. They don’t even know how the world will look in five years.  Whether their widget will still be needed or indeed whether it is made in China. They just have new-found power and prestige and can pronounce having no authority on world affairs.  They should leave economics, politics alone and focus on their widgets.

The very basis of economics is “Substitution and uncertainties” therefore planners should recognize the latter and give full attention to the former.

2. Negotiation, look we are running to the late hour. The EU are indeed now showing flexibility. They will soften their red lines. I maintain we would have had a deal had it not been for the treachery of our parliamentarians, past and present. I for one am not at all comfortable that my taxes go to pay for them. They have behaved disgustingly!  To use a well-worn analogy I wouldn’t buy a used car from these guys least of all take advice about my future.


The news is awash with stories covering the intervention by our Monarch effectively banging their heads together. Thank god we have her in our lives.  But it’s a shame given our rich history that it has come to this, such infantile behaviour.

Onward to March 29th leave we must. 

The future is bright just as it was after the ERM fiasco Sir John Major!

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