Asia is where it’s at! But first we have to Brexit

I have said a great deal about the growth of the Euro zone since 2008. It has been a lacklustre 2.2%. At a time when the world economy has grown significantly US 14% Canada 14%. UK 8.8%, Eurozone France 4.6%, Germany 7.4% Greece -27%. Etc., Just to add to that had it not been for QE then where would the Eurozone be?

If the EU is to survive we have to leave it, for our own protection we have to break the chains from this failing project.

This blog will have a light poem to break with my serious post. But the gravitas is there!

Changes that occur in the EU of gloom.
Flowers that all of a sudden doomed
Period of joy that seems so lost
In this frenzy Euro of political indecision.
For the tears that drop from their eyes.
For what they’ve felt from pain and sigh
And haven’t seen anything that can trade
The burning sun from the UK’s cool shade.
In such a time, what you must do.
Is to think of positive changes and view
And know soon all your EU trials
Will be swapped with the joyful UK smile. 
And this you can only achieve.
If you know how you can trust and believe
And keep a positive thinking in gloom
Then the UK of joy will surely bloom. 

I have been asked many times why I believe we have to leave the EU for it to survive. The answer is very simple it is a dogmatic organization that unless it changes it will implode.

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By us leaving they will be forced to make that change. The divisions across the EU are serious. Our EU masters, to use a provocative term have their heads in the sand. Look to the current situation: populism with a swing to the right is happening across Europe. Why is this? Very simple the Euro is a straight jacket an ill thought through political project that favour corporate Germany and the northern countries. It is devastating the fringe. The very founding principles of the Union are to build a more cohesive unified moderate tolerant union. That is not happening. If this continues then Fascism and Racism will rise up. Exactly the reverse of the union’s mandate.

Rules and regulations are absurd eg. We have to label Salmon as consumer may not be aware it contains fish. The northern states are seeing the rules and regulation that they adhere to, are being flouted by the southern states. France has always worked an angle to avoid them applying to them. The animosity is building the tension is serious, look to the discussion in regard to Italy’s budget.

Big is not better there are numerous examples in history where this has proven not to work.

Let’s look back in history to around 1860. Italy was made up of a number of city states, kingdoms and regions kind of principalities. They were united around 1860 politically, monetarily and fiscally. From then until now the south the so called Bourbon Kingdom has been depressed, industry ruined, agriculture went into decline. Millions left and went to north and South America.

There are disturbing parallels here today with Greece. Has history taught us nothing!

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Usually when regions are depressed other regions increase activity in order to assist those regions. This is how the UK operates. But instead here you have the one country able to assist they continued to practise fiscal responsibility, which is correct if they are in isolation, but they are not. France is slowly drifting towards the south. The labour laws can not be reformed as we are seeing from the protests on the streets today.

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