Brexit – Dysons move to Singapore a role model for the UK

Today a lot will be made of James Dyson’s announcement reference Singapore. The doom sayers will jump on this implying his negativity to his Brexit stance. Using it to display a lack of faith in the UK post Brexit. I would countenance the opposite. When you read his announcement he is very clear that he will and has continued to invest in the UK. Spending over £200M renovating the airfield at Hullavington technology campus.

You should also know that the EU introduced regulation that favoured German manufactures of vacuum cleaners. Effectively allowing German technology to mask the performance, gaming the system, another diesel gate.  This resulted in a long and costly court battle which Dyson won. It was hailed as a victory for consumers.

What Dyson is doing is what we all should look to and that is to follow where the markets are going.  There is no better place to start than to look to the PWC report showing how the Emerging (Emerged) markets will evolve to be the leading markets of the world.

Indeed, within a few short years the top 5 economies only 1 will be from the west, the USA which will occupy the no.2 slot. By 2030 China no.1. USA no.2. Japan no.3. India no.4 and Indonesia no.5. Conversely, only 1 EU country will show up in the top 10 that being Germany at no.8. No.9 Mexico no. 10 UK.  In fact in the top 30 the GDP represented by the EU comes in at $15trillion. Asia will represent five times that, in the region of $70trillion.  So Dyson is absolutely right to look to the East.

Very soon we need to get our act together. The remainers will hamstring this country and the fears they present will come true because of our paralysis.

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