Brexit Duplicity reigns supreme

Devious deals through the backdoor

Brexit Backdoor Deal

The Daily Telegraph have today run a story; re the Cabinet Ministers who are insisting on a Free Vote over the issue of no deal.  The deputy protagonist, of course not the Chief as that is a mantle that Philip Hammond holds.

Voters in Hastings have elected to leave the European Union. 
The Brexit campaign edged a 4,328-vote victory. 
20,011 remain in the EU and 24,339 leave. 
37 votes rejected. 
Hastings saw a 71.6% turnout, 
MP Amber Rudd 

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The duplicity displayed in this cabinet, this government and these parties is beyond belief. Never before has there been an opportunity for a new party to emerge.  A party that could easily and quickly gain so much traction. Conservatives were founded in 1834, their 1st leader the Rt Hon Robert Peel. Of course the Tory’s had held a place in British Politics since the 16c. 

I haven’t mentioned Labour’s roots as I believe the harm done to them is 10 fold, the labour party has been hijacked by what appears as Stalinist henchmen. You only have to look at the way in which they are attacking Fiona Bruce to understand the path they are taking.

My point with this blog is not to dwell on the detail above.  Perhaps that’s a subject for another day. Fascinating that it is!


We Entered The EU By Way Of The Backdoor In 1973.

We entered the EU in 1973. It was Ted Heath that took us into what was known as the common market (EEC).  However, let’s be clear the EEC had since its inception a plan to unify Europe in to a form of United States of Europe.

“On its very first official publication in Luxembourg on 8 October 1970, the ‘Report to the Council and the Commission on the realization by stages of economic and monetary union in the Community’ also bore the short title the ‘Werner Report’.” Read here

In 1973 the above mentioned report was hidden from our parliament during the various parliamentary debates re. our ascension to the Common Market, effectively taking us into the EEC on a lie. However, this was later rectified.  In 1975, we had a referendum on whether to leave or remain.  A pamphlet was produced and passed to every household outlining exactly the EEC intent. We voted to remain (funny how we had no further recriminations).

The Unions Had The Country On Its Knees. Backdoor Deals Were Stifling Manufacturing

To put this into context the 1970s became known as our darkest decade. The Unions held this country to ransom throughout this period.  Not because of their desire to improve working conditions for their many members, more their need to drive the UK policies closer to their paymasters in the USSR. That was the 1970s! Hence, our membership was ratified, I suspect as a way to escape the Industrial strife.

In a bizarre twist we seem to have gone full circle and this we must be mindful.  This must not happen, our country must not be hijacked by either ends of the spectrum. However, remaining in the EU as it is currently structured is not the answer.

A new party must emerge perhaps under the guise of populism. But emerge it must.
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