Euro – population shrinkage and its impact on the economic performance

Perhaps the figures that show how dire the EU future has become are:

Population growth. This will jog the minds of the ardent remainers.
The policies fostered by the EU i.e. excessive regulation, along with the introduction of the Euro. Note the way German corporations have mopped up the money. The way they have sat on this money and not passed it down to the employees, as detailed in earlier blogs. Add to this the fact that they have not participated in balancing the trade throughout Europe.  Causing great suffering to the Med countries.
One should also note the dramatic decline in the birth rate.  The average birth rate across Europe is 1.6 children on average per couple. Spain and Greece it is 1.3 and for Portugal 1.2. The UK growth in population is set to continue and by 2050 the UK pop. Will be larger than Germany. Statistics courtesy of the World Bank.  So you see the EU has to change the working conditions to keep the work force active longer. But this can only achieve so much. Therefore, by 2060 the entire economy of the EU will be less than India.
It is projected that the world will add a further 2.5b people by 2050. The EU today represents 7.3% in 2050 this will drop to 5%.
So you see further evidence that:
1.EU policies are strangling growth.
2. As time continues then the EU requires the UK more and more.
Therefore, the EU arrogance of today is an effective poisoned chalice.

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