Is the Time’s Newspaper biased? If not please reply to my complaint

Over the last few weeks I have posted to the comments section of the Times online.  I am as everyone will know a Brexiteer. but a Brexiteer more in the hope that the EU will change and restore nation states.

My comments have always been polite, they have always contained facts as to why I say what I do. After 2 months or so of doing this my account has been blocked. I can only say that the Times commenters of which there are many are pro remain.  There appears an eminent readership many of which passionately did not agree with me. 

The abuse that I took was really quite incredible. The names were obscene the comments towards me were racist.  Individuals would declare their incomes as though they could intimidate me. Believing I am a leaver therefore I must be low educated, low earner and as one put it have a Thai bride.   

These remain individuals, I’m sure not all are antithesis of what they claim. They are for sure Xenophobic which is exactly the term they use for us.

My point in all of this is that the main stream media is granting considerable more time to Remainers than they are to Leavers.  The Times is particularly supporting of furthering the cause of remainers as they allow individuals who post shortly after midnight to then go on to recommend their posts.  These post in a normal day would gain 100 or so recommends. However, individuals can get this level within a few minutes.  This ensure the discussion remains at the top and permanently visible.  They then post further comments as replies to the main post. When the moderator appears 9 hours later and after a review process the post which has been up for over 12 hours it is then deleted but the thread remains throughout the rest of the day.  This is false, fake and should be stopped.

In short leavers are stifled with accounts blocked, remainers are allowed to hijack the system and the rules are bent to favour them.

Facebook are not the only culprits here!

I have since written a complaint to The Times but to no avail!


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