Dominic Grieve, Motion To Take Over The Government

A Motion has been tabled by Dominic Grieve effectively enabling a small group of MPs to take control of Parliament. This motion is open to all parties and would need only 10 Conservative MPs to vote in its favour. If, they do then of course it would mean the Government were no longer in control of the process leaving the way open to stop Brexit.

South Bucks 78.4 % turnout. Remain 20,077 and Leave 20,647

MP Dominic Grieve


As an Amendment to the Motion tabled for the purposes of section 13(6) of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2017
Leave out from “House” to end and insert “believes that [INSERT DECLARATORY WORDS RELATING TO NEED TO PREVENT NO DEAL BREXIT), and orders accordingly that — (1) On [DATE OF SUBSEQUENT SITTING DAY TO BE INSERTED] —
(a) Standing Order No. 14(1) (which provides that government business shall have precedence at every sitting sa. as provided in that order) shall (subject to paragraph (e)) not apply;
(b) a Motion in connection with the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in the name of at least 300 Members of the House elected to the House as members of at least five parties and including at least 10 Members elected to the House as members of the party in Government shall stand as the first item of business;
(c) that motion may be proceeded with at any hour though opposed, shall not be interrupted at the moment of interruption, and, if under discussion when business is postponed under the provisions of any standing order, may be returned, though opposed, after the interruption of business; and Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions) will not apply;
(d) at the conclusion of debate on that motion, the questions necessary to dispose of proceedings on that motion (including for the purposes of Standing Order No. 36(2) (questions to be put following closure of debate)) shall include the questions on any amendments selected by the Speaker which may then be moved; and
(e) but if no motion which meets the requirements of paragraph (b) is tabled by 6.00 pm on [DATE PRIOR TO INTENDED DATE OF DEBATE), the provisions of paragraphs (a) to (d) shall not apply”

This is an outrageous act of sabotage. The Government should immediately call a General election at which point deselection should take place. Failing to do so would open this country to untold problems.  It is a selfish act of sabotage. In the words of no. 10 it represents “A very British Coup”.

One man is not above 17.4M voters it is an abuse of power in the most extreme. This will overturn centuries of proven Parliamentary procedures. Not since Queen Anne 1707 has a sitting Monarch not approved or given Royal Assent we could well be facing another such period.

Shocking behaviour.

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