The EU Sickness

I spent a few days trying to understand the mind of remainers.  The facts, past references are clear nearly all aspects of EU life are suffering.  I don’t mean this to be provocative. It’s just that:

1. The EU is failing, our exports to the EU are lower, their (EU) growth is weak, the unemployment is absurd particularly the youth in the south.

2. Wages are poor particularly in Germany.

3. Riots are apparent from those that are disenfranchised.

4. We import more meat in fact we import more of everything from the EU than we export to the EU.

5. The far right has gained ground in Italy, came second in France and the AFD has come from nowhere in Germany and now has 96 seats.

6. The very founding principle of the EU is to prevent fascism.  It has evolved in the wrong direction to the point that it is now fostering those very beliefs.

Yet the remainers cling on to the notion that the EU is somehow the panacea to all our ills.  In reality the EU is the foundation for our very demise, the signs are everywhere. Yet those who are remainers can not see it, so we limp on in a state of slow paralysis.  Which, brings me to the similarities to a manic depressive, the very issues that are in the comfort zone are the same issues causing the sickness.

Cognitive behavioural therapy will fix this.
Give it a chance.  Leave!

It’s in all parties interest to keep the Corn exchange open and trade normally.

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