Hammond Call to Business Leaders

Today let’s deal with Philip Hammond’s call to business leaders.  This call seems at odds with the events taking place.  On one hand you have Mrs May insisting that there will be no stopping Brexit, leaving on the 29th. Yet we have no deal in which to leave with. Therefore, under the rules we must leave with no deal. So why would Hammond be at odds with the situation.

Hammond’s constituency consist of Runnymede in Surrey.  Runnymede voted to leave the EU:

Results for Runnymede

Total number of ballot papers counted was: 44,326
Number of votes cast in favour of REMAIN was: 20,259
Number of votes cast in favour of LEAVE was: 24,035
Total number of ballot papers rejected was: 32
Turn out was 76.1%
There is no clearer example than this, (Although Broxtowe is another good example).  An MP who is elected and effectively paid by the people to represent the people! He has a completely selfish independent agenda!  If he was paid by one company but representing another he would be fired!
In my opinion; his call to business leaders for sure is him planning his escape route.  He has no allegiance to the British people if he did he would not keep trying to muddle this issue…
The EU are now on the back foot. The realization will appear to all the 27 that the UK will leave and that their €91B surplus is in jeopardy.  All we need do is hold our nerve anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
I say to remainers if you want to remain then the EU has to reform and work for all! Not just the German and French enterprise, the elites. The German are seeing the least income increases when German industry is benefiting most from the folly of the Euro.

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