Reasons to be relaxed about leaving: The great Brexit Lies, Confusion and Deceit!

The Confession from a Tory Supporter

I was a Tory, and I have been throughout my life. But, today I find that the Tories are no longer honouring the Centuries old tradition of democracy. The UK over 100’s of years have earned respect for their democratic values, their sense of fair play, today that has all but gone. There is only one party which is more abhorrent than the Tories, and that is Corbyn’s labour.  Both incumbent dominant parties have for too long been allowed to follow their agenda, and it was not ours! China and North Korea should be lecturing us! We haven’t started to kill our people yet, but wait until 5G arrives.

Both parties have occupied our time with complex tax procedures, whether local or national. We are burdened with regulation. Our every move and action watched, there are cameras on street corners, in cars, on rubbish collection trucks, our online footprint can be followed whether we participate on social media or not. We are being forced into a life of subservience. We have to fear for the safety of our children whether travelling to and from their school, or their places of work. The internet is monitored and soon we will have 5G. On any level do you feel safe living in the UK or indeed the West?

Blair set his store out on lies and deception all have been proved wrong. Perhaps this Bilderberg, one world government advocate could be a pioneer on planet Mars.

Osborne, Carney, Blair, Cameron, Major et al. project fear, are they so inept or do they serve a different master?

Carney should be relieved of his post! If his decisions are based on the flawed data he presents can we trust that the economy, our well-being is safe in his hands? Ollie Robins has today declared his departure, some would say left before pushed but, we know this to have been his and the intention of his masters whom he served. We have truly been abused by the system.

Project fear, a farce on every level. Who dreamed these scenarios up? On what basis were they compiled? Car Company’s both here, Germany, France and Japan were maneuvered to lie to us. Banks prophesied doom, Jobless would rocket just on the vote. Emotive terms were found; wars would start, Banana republic would be our fate. Xenophobic, racist little Englander’s. Why? Why? It would appear the xenophobic little Englander’s were the true visionaries, the brightest in our society. They retained the true bull dog spirit.

That spirit those wise amongst us had seen the lies over the ERM, the false predictions around the Euro, they could see that the opposite is true. Only the naive could label us Xenophobic or Racist. Indeed, employment has grown, not a little but substantially, Foreign Direct Investment is at a record level. Salaries have grown benefiting our great nation of workers already burdened. Though our leader’s preference is for big business, and their corporate masters, which is why this path was painted so poorly? Is our civil service so inept that they could not even get one projection correct? Of course not they were only there to scare the worker bees in order that big business could continue to flourish through cheap labour.

Ollie Robins, for his motivation was clear, his deceit perhaps is there for all to see. He will benefit from his destructive efforts, rewards will now come for his paymasters have shown their hand. Mrs May in cohorts with the civil service loyal to the Bilderberg doctrine, her sole purpose to keep us aligned to the Bilderberg EU. Which brings me to the obvious, was May’s expertise limited to her ability to scowl, to misbehave, like a Spoilt wounded child, or was she an architect of the obfuscation? Mrs T had a conscience, But did Mrs May? Like John Major, she would have sold Centuries of tradition, honour and democracy, sending us into oblivion. In my book she peeked at her interview. It is obvious which side of the English Channel she swam. It’s fitting that her wax-work will be removed, melted down, one would hope to be used on a more worthy cause.

George Osborne, a man who was parked at the Evening Standard, to be returned at a later date, the dutiful Bilderberg foot soldier that he is. To me this man personifies arrogance, under the guidance of his paymasters he to is the architect of project fear!  Was he so inept, with his salary, his exulted position, his army of economists, that he could not get just one statistic correct? For me if he were to make a return then every despot shady character of dubious origin should become an MP.  The same can be said for Cameron and his trust fund, don’t be fooled the Bilderberg’s have them waiting in the wings. The UK has painfully passed through this era, but we should be vigilant to the further maneuverings against us.  The only purpose they can serve, is to identify the point in time when self-interest became the norm and how our destruction was achieved with such alarming speed, just how much influence was the Bilderberg’s in our attempted demise.

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It’s easy to leave the EU “Goodbye, I hope we can still be friends.”

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt

I speak as though this era has passed, when really we need to be on guard more than ever. Hunt is not a safe pair of hands, should he win and resume the Bilderberg path then I’m sure anarchy will prevail. The people has spoken, and if we are to be a democracy again the people are on the right side of democracy, with all the relevant rightful forces mustering behind them.

Having watched the Veterans March on the weekend in support of those serving soldiers unfairly prosecuted for doing their job. This march should never have been necessary it is abhorrent to have placed soldiers in such a situation. The police may well have been out in force but, I feel certain their hearts and their minds were in solidarity with the Veterans. Just how much stupidity can parliament display? Should anarchy break out they have opened a front with very people they will need to limit the disturbances.

We have the Magna Carta, the English Bill Of Rights all have been violated!

  1. The magna Carta is clear! Signed in 1215 by King John
  2. In 1530 a group of Lords wrote very clearly to the then pope Clemence requesting the annulment of Henry the Eighths marriage. The letter was signed by MPs as well as the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Within the letter they claim: they will apply under UK  law extreme remedies to split with the Catholic church. The letter was a three-foot wide parchment with 18 wax seals. Effectively this document was our first foray as a brexiteer, making Henry an eminent brexiteer, and of course we are aware of the outcome and no evil has fallen on us.
  3. In 1689 came the English bill of rights again throwing doubt on the legality of a foreign power holding dominion over the UK. Within this document it is clear: No foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, state nor potentate can rule over England. I will explain more in a later post, but this raises the question is membership legal? Click here

Our politicians focus on another agenda, other ways in which to oppress us.

The Bilderberg EU verse of truth

Are we where we think we are. Gloom and despair written everywhere. Why such fear?
Brexiteer hold their faith so dear. Deals are done sales are made
Money flows from these shore by billions more.
Economics prove Germans are in no mood to damage sales as it crosses the surf.
Imbalances exist, focus apparent embargoes considered, markets are at risk

Why? Why? Sabotage sales for the folly of EU philosophy.
Ideology whilst required European wars have now almost expired….
Fascism a dragon for sure continues, fostered through policies within those EU corridors and shores.

All over the Euro provides cover for the Meds demise. Emergence of the right, chants can be heard austerity and the Euro is not right..
AFD takes a grip….. Italy spins a budget tale….. yellow vests emerge… while all the time Athens is purged.

Really – Manufacturers from the North provide loans to the South. Cars bought payment spared.
Money that’s made forms a German treasure trove not displayed…
Salaries are held imbalance are found. Retail sales are poor, even across the Northern shores…
Elites prevail, tomorrow they most certainly will fail.

Exasperation – Why? Why? Sabotage sales for the folly of EU philosophy.
Ideology whilst required European wars have now almost expired….
Fascism a dragon for sure continues, fostered through policies within those EU corridors.

Euro provides cover for the Meds. Demise. Emergence of the right, chants that austerity is not right..
AFD takes a grip….. Italy spins a budget tale….. yellow vests emerge and brutally quelled … while all the time Athens is purged.

Union of what – Be aware the Euro is in despair. Political union for sure! Giving rise to the Souths demise!
Euro debts reach new heights of absurdity. Austerity pains the young, they’re in a serious plight.
Euro for sure will split making Lehman’s look like a picnic.
The Wave will be felt throughout the world no doubt.
How can this be? The folly of such a currency?

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