Free Trade Agreements, The Imbalance Favours The Brexiteer

Article 50

Since invoking article 50.  The UK government on the 29th March 2017 voted to invoke article 50 of the treaty on the European Union. Day 1 of our withdrawal from the union 

“As a direct consequence of the Supreme Court ruling the House of Commons voted by a majority of 384 votes (498 to 114) to approve the second reading of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 to allow the Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 unconditionally”.

As each year passes and each delay is placed upon us the facts are deliberately made more confusing, therefore it is important to remember certain details. What is article 50 and why is it so central to the Brexit debate?
Read about Article 50 here.
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CET Common External Tariffs

1. We did not vote to make ourselves poorer we voted to leave and to then make ourselves richer. 
2. We remove regulation, we focus on growth markets, the EU has been the poor corner of the globe, stifled by the euro ideology.
3. We remove tariffs that artificially inflate the cost of our food products by supporting unproductive French Farmers.
4. We import from the global market place, reducing the burden on the British consumers 
5. We frequently hear from the remain camp of the brexit lies peddled by vote leave. This is a misnomer the lies came from project fear, lies that continue through to this day. 

FTA Free Trade Agreement

Let’s get real Germany wants to, in fact needs to maintain close ties with the U.K. for all the right reasons, security, intelligence, trade etc. They are rightly concern in regard to Trumps America.

The UK has a trade deficit with the EU of £91billion, the UK exports to the EU have declined over the last 10years.

These are all solid reasons why the EU will continue to trade and continue close ties with the UK.

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It is my belief unless there is structural change the EU will have serious issues going forward which will inhibit growth still further. But worse undermine the EU dogma will undermine very principles on which it exists. When the European Union was established it was done to end the folly of wars, to harness the right wing ideology. Interesting, since the establishment of the ideology of the euro and its ability to destroy whole economies the far right has again emerged; in Germany the AFD have gained 96 seats, Italy has swung to the right, France has flirted with Marine Le Penn, I suspect if the election was run again then she could well take seats even perhaps win. Euro needs to split. It needs to give the southern states greater autonomy to manage their own exchange rates and foster growth.  In short give hope to the vast numbers of unemployed youth from across the Mediterranean.

Two events in our history where we were encouraged to stay with a system that was harming us. A bit like cognitive behaviour therapy. In 1931 almost unanimously we were encouraged to stay with the gold standard. That is all but Keynes who encouraged us to leave. In September 1931 we broke with that standard. There were huge cries of disaster.
Immediately we were able to drop interest rates and this ushered in the fastest economic growth of British history.

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Another event was the joining of the ERM in 1992. Interest rates spiralled upwards. Unemployment rose sharply. So on the face of it it was easy to break the bank not due to smart thinking, more because of the obvious political obsession of the EU project. The doomsayers predicted higher rates still and even higher unemployment. In reality the opposite was true.

The obsessive focus on the EU project will unwind it. Best we leave whilst we have a chance.

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