Brexit The Results The Remainers Will Not Accept

In response to those who have shown interest in the referendum voting analysis that I posted in various forums, the result ‘by referendum voting area’ figures are from the Electoral Commission, so are fact.  Obviously the voting areas were not contiguous with constituencies so there I have relied on the work of Dr Chris Hanretty at the University of East Anglia. He advised caution regarding potential margin of error, but the broad conclusions remain valid. Sorry if the remainers don’t like it but there it is:  EU Referendum reminder..

The verse:
Provinces the results are clear… three times more leavers nothing to fear!
Constituencies the results counted.. two times more leavers remainers doing so poor.
Labour are not leaders their voters sure are. Double the trouble assured!
Tories mood deepens void here bigger. Three times more leavers that the leaders deplore..
Mandate is clear, for the sake of our law exit now delay no more!
lawmakers whose interest is unclear. Remain here is favoured doubling the fear.
Referendum are broader, Plebiscites not so nice. Peoples vote is better it’s unfettered advice.
Results are the same….. Facts determined commissions agree… Leavers are leaving the remainers must see!
Margins clear the confusion is blown. Millions muttering, a Million more are sure.
Polls are persisting results are resisting…. just like before!,
By voting area: 263 Leave, 119 remain By constituency: 406 Leave, 242 remain By Labour constituencies 148 Leave, 84 remain.  By Tory constituencies 247 leave, 80 remain But:  By MP: 248 Leave, 400 Remain

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