Business Asia P.2. Indonesia

Indonesia Many Projects At A Governmental Level.  For example:Program to Accelerate Agrarian Reform (One Map Project).Their plan, Environmental and social Management Framework (ESMF) is large, it's comprehensive and necessary to create a sustainable environment going forward.  Indonesia's population in 1960 was around 60M people it is now 260M. The archipelago is expansive with land rights poorly... Continue Reading →

Thank God For Our Monarch – Graceful As Ever

Two subjects 1) Corporate elite, 2) Appalling negotiation skills MPs have.1. Big business it should be noted have traditionally favoured closer ties to the EU. However, not all. Companies, individuals such as Sir James Dyson, Tim Martin Weatherspoons, Anthony Bamford The Chairman of JCB, Dame Helena Morrissey The head of personal investing at Legal & General,... Continue Reading →

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