Opportunity Leave Or No Opportunity Stay

To a large extent I will frustrate a high proportion of individuals across a spectrum of disciplines.
Let’s not get out of context here.  The referendum was run and the result came down on the side of leave.  Sadly as a result of this it has divided the nation for many reasons.  This division which nobody can deny is hugely apparent across all walks of life.
But worse it has been exploited by the EU in order to prevent our departure.  Our departure will undoubtedly weaken the Union going forward. But, also more sinister is the efforts of “our own” Tony Blair, Clegg, Clarke, Major, Adonis etc. They have all made overtures to the EU to fudge the negotiation, frustrate the result, in short punish the British people. Punish us for the audacity of wishing to be sovereign. The very people who should be batting for us, who should be champions of democracy. In a way they belong in Venezuela or Suharto’s Indonesia.
There are calls for a second referendum, a peoples vote. But this is so wrong on so many levels.
1. It demeans our intelligence. We knew what leaving meant. When you resign your job and you walk out the front door you submit your pass key, leave your company laptop. You dream of freedom. Your weekends are free of thoughts of Monday.
Hopefully your new venture will of course bring anxiety but you face it with new enthusiasm. But what you don’t expect is keep popping back into your office unannounced as though you haven’t left. Of course, you keep your relationships and where possible you do business together going forward.
2. Let’s say we have a second referendum and the result swings 52% remain 48% leave. This result is on a lower turnout which for sure it will (remember the lady from, I think Bristol). This will not be the end of the conflict. Parliament will be even more divided as will the people.
3. If we have a second referendum then we open the door to a Scottish referendum again and again until they have the answer they want.  This is paralysis.
Please do not get me wrong I am not anti Europe nor am I against being part of it.  Over the next few blogs I will detail why we should seek change and why we can go alone into what is a changing world. Structural, economic and cultural changes are happening which require a dynamic approach.
There are many examples that exist in the world today that have made a huge success of their independence, their dynamism and their proximity to huge markets. Some, of course have a history of brutality, yet they continue to flourish, you could argue against all odds.
I have worked many years primarily in the blue chip space but also with SMEs assisting in the establishment of companies, facilitating new opportunities and manoeuvring around graft.
On that subject. Avoidance of graft is a passion of mine. I wonder about the loosely unsigned audited accounts of the EU whereas much as €5B is unaccounted for.
I do not see the black side of our departure, but I do understand the fear that exists.  Particularly when jobs are identified to flow across the channel. My experience of this is that it will not happen!
Our labour laws our regulation our pure dynamism will keep the trade flowing.  Remember it needs to flow both ways.  The world is more complex and acutely aware of protectionist behaviours.  The EU is protectionist. German cars are not so easily accepted around the world etc.. Why would they rock their biggest market?

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