No Deal The dream Of The Naive

Wise Words Indeed
The more we speak about no deal is not an option the more it is likely. Really please let the adults in. The EU have played to our paranoia in the hope that we reverse the decision or accept incarceration in perpetuity. For the EU this is the perfect scenario as they will no longer need to be concerned by their northern protagonist. They can move forward with their project with new bullying vigour.
Remainers I say to you; The EU was in trouble prior to the UK referendum. It has travelled in one direction creating a monolithic underperforming state at the expense of individual nations. Euro scepticism is not solely British. It can be found that Eurosceptic parties have substantially increased their popularity in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Even in Germany, the anti-euro party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AFD), has risen from nowhere to gain 96 seats in the Bundestag.
Whether you like it or not the EU is failing economically the introduction of the Euro was political and not based on sound economic principles. It has been a disaster for the Med. But more importantly its has failed its people. The northern states are increasingly frustrated with the Mediterranean states. Even France is slowly moving in the direction of the Latin quarter. Hence why Macron is pushing for more integration. But more integration will bring yet more regulation and stifle yet more competition.
The issue of the EU is further heighten by free movement compounded by the Middle East turmoil. This has fractured our culture and should not be taken lightly whichever side of the divide you are on.  
For me the EU needs to substantially change tack if it is to survive. It needs to go back to its roots. No matter how convenient the Euro is we need to look at the Euro structure. Abandon the Werner report and then it would be worthy of being a progressive dynamic member.
Leave we must if Europe is to survive.

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