The Economic (realities laid bare) Decline Of Europe!

We should take a look at the period identified by the EU as the 'Great Recession' 2008 say through 2017.  In general it is right to say that output has declined throughout this period across the developed world. However, when you take a more specific look you start to see comparisons which show Europe as... Continue Reading →

No Deal The dream Of The Naive

Wise Words IndeedThe more we speak about no deal is not an option the more it is likely. Really please let the adults in. The EU have played to our paranoia in the hope that we reverse the decision or accept incarceration in perpetuity. For the EU this is the perfect scenario as they will no longer... Continue Reading →

The Turkey With Brexit stuffing

As we settle for our traditional christmas fayre.  I'm reminded of the ghosts of the year just past. I see a bowl of Scottish Sprouts grown in the bonny Blairs of the highlands. Sadly cold and past their sell by date. The tray of apparent Adonis'  a name passed to our wild boar as Greek... Continue Reading →

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