Brexit Dark Past Remain Has A Dark Future.

Are the Remainers aware of just how much the UK has lost since our membership in 1973. How much industry has just gone, how our fishing has been devastated. As, I write this I can hear shouts of little Englander. For me not to see this then the little Englander sits firmly on the Remainers... Continue Reading →

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Fraud Peterborough? Nah Political Correctness!

ELECTION 69.4% postal vote? You're taking the mickey? Just asking? God Forbid I should suggest such Behaviour from a picturesque  town/city that can only be termed a bastion of middle England. A beautiful part of the United Kingdom, Lakes, parks, exotique sanctuaries. A place rich in history, culture, Museums, 12C Cathedral, Elton hall, Flag fen.... Continue Reading →

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Indonesia on track for a successful future.

Indonesia has been my life since 1985, when I first visited Bali during a holiday, endearing me to this dynamic collection of magical islands, all things Indonesian. Here I am 34 years later living as a retiree on the paradise isle of Bali, married to wonderful smart Balinese lady. Indonesia has prepared for the future... Continue Reading →

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May gone, now the Globalists!

Ding Dong Mrs May has gone.No doubt my comment here will be viewed as cruel and harsh, and yes I do not like to see an individual broken, particularly due to their conviction which has been exercised through their passion. But let's be clear Mrs May went against the electorate, went against Parliament and went... Continue Reading →

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Break From Vested interests.

For too long we have allowed politician's to lie to us and to feather their nest. Since the 70s we have been lied to, our industries have been allowed to fail, and for what? So Soros can define the world map, the three pillars. We are in truly dangerous time given his age! Our decline... Continue Reading →

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May, just in the wrong place!

The pictures of May last night really do want to make your heart go out to her. But she is just in the wrong democracy, Franco's Spain or Maduro's Venezuala would have suited her better! What a shambles; Soros is backing the wrong horse! Changes has lost the plot! Thank god for Nigel Farage he... Continue Reading →

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Tony Blair’s New World Order!

A Town Near You If Tony Blair, George Soros Merkel, Macron, Ed Balls Succeed In Ending Brexit. "By this plan we shall direct all mankind . In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set in motion and in flames. The occupations must be allotted and contrived, that we may in secret ,... Continue Reading →

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Another indyref2 Scottish Referendum 2?

Legislation which could pave the way for a new Scottish independence referendum has been tabled at Holyrood. The Scottish government wants to put the question of independence to a new public vote in the second half of 2020.   Robert Burns wise in his youth, Rabbie Burns as he was known. In 1707 Scotland and... Continue Reading →

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CET, a problem not WTO rules

It comes up time and time again "no one trades on WTO", yet with a modicome of research you will see there are many countries that trade with the UK, EU on WTO rules including the USA. It is not our goal to remain on WTO, of course we shoukd aim for an Free Trade... Continue Reading →

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Conservatives need to investigate Peterborough

The Government need to restore faith in the electoral system. We've had three years of being told we are stupid. More expense scandals and representatives of leave constituencies ignoring their electorate. Now we have the indications, proven in the past of vote rigging. If, we are to trust the system the incumbent government needs to... Continue Reading →

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